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Haifa / Acre Tour

© Marc Coles

Tour Information

Overview       4-8 h

Haifa is home to the Ahmadiyya Moslem community and the World Center of the Bahai Faith. At the base of the cascading Bahai Gardens is the German Colony, founded by German Templers in 1868. 

Visit the Carmelite Monastery and Stella Maris church, perched atop Mt. Carmel; nearby is Elijah's cave, traditionally regarded as the site where Elijah prayed before challenging the prophets of Baal.


Acre was declared a World Heritage Site in 2001, recognizing the outstanding beauty of the Crusader city atop of which have been built classic Ottoman era fortifications.


The capital of the Second Crusader Kingdom, Acre was one of the region’s most strategic ports. Even Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer Acre though his repeated attempts failed to breach the city’s massive walls.

Optional Highlights
  • Louis Promenade

  • Bahai Gardens

  • German Colony

  • Wadi Nisnas

  • Stella Maris

  • Elijah's Cave

  • Ahmadiya Mosque

  • Underground Prisoners Museum

  • Hospitaller Fortress

  • Al Basha Turkish Bath

  • Khan al-Umdan

  • El Jazzar Mosque


"I was blown away tasting the local dishes at lunch in the Druze Village of Usifiya and walking the beautiful city of Haifa. I would highly recommend BelieveLand Tours and I will be telling my friends about my experience. Thanks again for helping to create such fond memories."

— Stan Phelps, Founder, Nine Inch Marketing

September 2016

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